Sliding Door handle repair

Sliding door professionals give a wide range of services starting from the installation, maintenance, repairs, to after-sale services. The professionals have tremendous experience in dealing with clients from residential areas to commercial spaces.

Fulfilling the commitment to the customers is the utmost priority of these people. Now speaking of the sliding door handle, it gives additional support to glide the sliding doors without any hassle or obstruction. Changing the handles are not rocket science and one can easily replace them or take help from professionals if required. 

How do you replace a sliding door handle?

Sliding door handle gives support so that the door can be dragged easily without any hassle. There are numerous reasons for changing the door handles, and it might be due to the fact that the handle is broken, the handle is beyond repair, the handle has become dull and old, and many other things like these. Sliding door handles can be mounted on the left hand and right hand of the sliding door according to the requirements.

These are available in materials like wood, cast metal, aluminum, etc. The entire door-frame is not required to be changed if one is willing to replace the sliding door handle. Some of the door handles can be used on both left, and right-handed sliding doors. 

One needs to get an accurate measurement of these handles and look for a replacement with the same model or a fresh model that fits the earlier measurement.

With the help of a screwdriver, they need to unfix the screws and remove the door handle. Fix and reinstall the new one using the above-mentioned procedure. Either you can complete the task by yourself, or you can take help from the professionals and get it replaced. 

How do you fix a sliding door latch?

Sliding door latches are mounted on the door surface and add security to the doors by acting as a mechanical fastener to join two surfaces and at the same time allows separation as well. The door latches are accompanied by another piece of hardware that mounts on the other surface. The latch differs from the locking mechanism; however, the purpose they serve is the same. The latches are comprised of different materials, and they can be stainless steel, cast metal, etc. These latches can be used in various types of sliding doors like vinyl, wood, aluminum, glass and many more. The mechanism for fixing the sliding door latch is similar to that of a door handle. Simply take the measurement and according to it, bring a new model of the accurate size from a local hardware shop and get it fixed using a screwdriver. In case you are replacing the latch, unfix it first and then reinstall again using the same procedure. 

Sliding door lock handle repair prices

Sliding door lock handles repairing job depends upon the type of lock handle you are willing to purchase. Some lock handles have ancillary features that can raise the price. The price range starts from an approximate amount of $30. Getting it installed through a team of professionals can elevate the rate.