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Sliding door installation company LA

We are affordable sliding door installation that operates all over LA. 

We’ll provide a quick fix solution regarding the installation of sliding doors in different spaces of your house like bathroom, rooms, wardrobe, kitchens, etc. Even they provide after-sales services like repair and re-installations. You can book a free estimate today.

How do sliding doors work?

Sliding doors mainly glide on the panel tracks fitted on the top and bottom of the door frames. These doors can be comprised of different materials like wood, vinyl, metal, etc.

To get a smoother movement along these tracks they are often provided with plastic rollers below. Spaces of your home like bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobe, etc. have a requirement for lightweight doors which are generally hung from the top, while doors that are having an opening to exterior areas like patios, terrace, backyard, gardens, etc. have requirements for heavy sliding doors they glide along the bottom rail. These doors generally have one moveable panel and another fixed panel. 

Rollers are provided in the base of the doors to make the movement more swift. Plastic tracks can also be incorporated in these doors later, if not present to give an alignment on the tracks and make the doors stay vertical. There are various catches of sliding doors available in the market that mainly depends upon the material of the door from which it is made up.

How much does it cost to install a sliding door?

Sliding Door creates an appealing effect in the interior of the house. They are appreciated mainly for their aesthetic appearance along with the fact that they allow a lot of air and light to travel inside the room. The prices of these Sliding Doors depend upon the material they are made up of like glass, wood, vinyl, metal, etc. Also, there includes a labor charge for installing these doors at your home. The average minimum cost is approximately $200 per door, and the average maximum cost is approximately $2,500 per door. If you want to get a free estimate, you should call us today.

How do you install a patio sliding door?

Installing a patio sliding door needs to be followed in proper steps. First, you need to level and square the door frames and then where the shims have been inserted, secure the doors using screws. In the manufacturer’s guidelines, you will get a detailed diagram of the entire process. In reality, most the shims have predrilled holes so that you can insert the screws. Once the frames are fixed, it’s time to install the door panels. Further, you can take help from the guidelines. Before setting the tightening stops, you will need to install the active panels on the door frames. Once both the panels are correctly installed, you can move ahead to tighten the stops and install other hardware. 

Do you offer Sliding door lock installation?

Installing a sliding door locks requires a few simple guidelines to be followed. One needs to clean the base of the door with cleaning soap or brush so that the door completely join with the edge of the doorframe. Once the door is shut properly, hold the lock and position it accordingly to the frame. Hold the lock to the door, take measurements and drill holes in the door. After the holes are being drilled, now fix the screws in the holes and attach the lock in the door frame. Finally, attach the cover plate above the lock and complete the entire step. The cover plate joins the panel of the door with the bolts and fixes their positions on the sliding doors. Take help from a team of professionals in Los Angeles for sliding door lock installation.