Sliding Door Track Repair and Replacement LA

The experts at sliding door offer a plethora of services ranging from installation to after-sale services like repair and maintenance. They are committed to serving their clients with maximal diligence and efficiency. Sliding doors are the tracks or channels that provide a base where the sliding glass doors and sliding doors glide on the surface with the help of a roller wheel. It becomes an utmost necessity to maintain and repair these tracks so that your sliding doors move swiftly at the surface without any unnecessary dragging or pulling. 

How do you replace a sliding door track?

A sliding door track needs to be maintained on a time to time basis to ensure a swift movement of the sliding doors. The tracks accumulate debris and dirt which cause hindrance in the gliding of the doors. Firstly, you need to remove the soil with a brush or vacuum and then with soapy water clean the tracks. Add lubricants in the upper and lower tracks and place the doors on the track to move them like before. But there are times when the doors get blocked or bent. In those cases, a team of experts will visit and assess the situation, and if they found the problem persists, then they will replace the existing track with a fresh one.

How much does it cost to replace a sliding glass door track?

Replacing a sliding glass door track with a new track depends upon various factors like the quality of the track, the material of the sliding glass, labor and installation charges, track cover, measurement of the track, etc. The expert team will come and try to analyze the conditions of these tracks, consult with clients regarding the matter, and finally quote an approximate charge for replacing the old tracks. It might start somewhere around $300; however, it completely depends upon the aforesaid criteria. 

Can sliding glass doors be repaired?

Yes, sliding glass doors are absolutely repairable. This is determined through the condition of the glass. If the glass of one panel is broken, then it is better to replace the glass of the single panel as it keeps the finances in check. However, if one has made up their mind to replace both the panels, they can change both of them. The technical team will approach the client and provide them with in-house consultations regarding their queries and doubts. They carefully remove the fragile glass shards as it might injure others. Then they will measure the sliding glass door and try to get it fixed the same day, but in case if they cannot offer an instant solution to the problem, then they will secure the place with another material. On the next visit, they will replace it with a new glass door cut-out with the accurate measurement.