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How to protect your sliding door before a storm?

Heavy wind and heavy rain is a part of every year’s phenomena. A hurricane is a massive rotating storm with high speed of wind that forms above warm water in tropical areas. When a hurricane strikes land, they can cause a huge amount of damage. The highest amount of damage is caused by flooding and storm surges. Hurricanes also cause havoc with high-speed winds that can blow down trees and damage homes. Many hurricanes can develop several small tornados as well. The hurricanes or thunderstorm season brings immense damage to the impacted areas of the houses. These hazardous storms are very frightening and damaging to glass doors and windows. 

During a hurricane, the speed of the wind is 120 miles per hour. The lack of proper protection during a hurricane can cause damage to windows and doors by airborne debris. It may lead to personal injury, property damage, and widespread water damage. The pressure affects the house and destabilizes the roof and walls of the house.

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The action of nature cannot be controlled, but safety measures can be taken. There is no guarantee when the hurricane will hit. The quality solution against storm protection for sliding door is to install high impact glasses. High impact glasses are manufactured using plastic films, which is situated between two panes of tempered glass. The internal plastic gives it some degree of flexibility, allowing it to lessen the internal impact of wind, rain, and other elements that can be so damaging at the time of storm. The mixture is tough so that glasses will never collapse at once. If by any chance it breaks, it will not be shattered. Hence, it will not cause personal injury. This impact-resistant glass is quite energy efficient. It also helps in reducing the glare on the house.

There is also a fast and cost-effective option for protecting sliding glass doors. One can apply hurricane films to your glass panes. It will protect the glass from shattering during the storm. The application of hurricane films will not diminish the overall appearance of the glass door in any way. It also stays in place for almost a year. 

The process completes when storm shutters are installed for the doors. The storm shutters are attached to the wall of your property. These are available in roll-up and accordion designs to offer utmost protection. Storm shutters are manufactured from perforated or translucent materials. It allows the light to enter the premise properly. These life-saving instruments are typically manufactured from reinforced fabric, aluminum-wrapped foam or aluminum. They will be permanently attached to the side of your home, so they can quickly and easily set up when a storm unexpectantly hits. The process of installing storm shutters over all the exposed windows, doors and other glass surfaces is one of the most accessible means of protection. There are a variety of designs and patterns available. One should consult their nearest local supplier to choose the best suitable protection. Before installing shutters, check with your local building official to find out if a building permit is required. You must have your shutters either installed or marked and stored so they can be easily installed during a hurricane watch.

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Another fantastic instrument that provides protection from the hurricane is Plywood shutters. Plywood shutters need to be installed patiently. It is capable of delivering a high level of protection from flying debris during the storm. One of the significant features of Plywood shutters is that it can be installed in all types of homes. one needs to measure each window and each door that has a glass. Then add 8 inches to both the height and width to provide a 4-inch overlap on each side of the window or door. Sheets of plywood are generally 4 feet by 8 feet (4 × 8 feet). Inform your local building supply retailer the size and number of openings you need to cover to determine the number of sheets of plywood you need to buy.

Garage doors are soft targets of the storm. They are often insubstantial and cover a large area, they’re particularly vulnerable to wind puffs. You will have to make sure that the track of your garage door is at least 14-gauge thick. To strengthen your garage door against high winds, you can brace it with vertical and horizontal two by four boards anchored into the walls. A wind retrofit kit for garage doors includes braces and hardware. For emergencies, it is advisable always to have a kit with you which costs up to $500 for a double garage door. You can probably install braces yourself if you’re handy with a drill.